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Delivering Practical Solutions for Allied Health Practices

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Lynette Foote - FooteSTAR Consulting

Welcome, my name is
Lynette Foote 
the founder and director of 
FooteSTAR Consulting

Providing Ultimate Support for Small Allied Health Practices Australia-wide!

At FooteSTAR, we go beyond being a support team – we are your dedicated business partners committed to offering exceptional support to allied health practices across all time zones. Our primary office is situated in Perth, Western Australia, with additional support team members based in the eastern states.

Experience You Can Trust

With over a decade of specialised experience, particularly within counselling and psychology practices, our superstar team collectively brings over 50 years of administration expertise. Our diverse industry backgrounds ensure a well-rounded and knowledgeable support system for your practice.

Passionate Excellence

The FooteSTAR team shares a common passion for excelling in everything we do. Known for our organisation, focus, and commitment to exceeding expectations, we aim to provide you with the freedom to expand your clientele, enhance your business relationships, effectively market your practice, and foster sustainable business growth.

Discover the FooteSTAR Difference

Where dedicated partnership meets exceptional support - that is the FooteSTAR difference. let us empower the success of your practice.

Established in 2018, FooteSTAR Consulting embarked on its journey by offering virtual practice management and reception support services. A significant milestone was reached in 2020 when we formed a strategic partnership with Power Diary. Since then, our focus has evolved into a dynamic consultancy service tailored for allied health practices, with a particular emphasis on providing comprehensive support to Counselling and Psychology practices on a national scale.

At FooteSTAR Consultancy Services, our team of tech support experts draws on years of invaluable experience working with diverse practice management software systems. Specialising in Power Diary, we offer assistance in seamless integrations and conduct audits for existing practices. Our goal is to elevate your Power Diary experience, ensuring efficiency and optimal utilisation of this powerful tool for your practice.
We also have experience with Micro-soft Teams, Wavebox, Dashlane and other apps.

Unlock the full potential of your Allied Health practice with our tailored marketing support Whether it is crafting a compelling social media presence, designing or revamping your website, networking within the medical community, or marketing specialised services such as Employee Assistance Programs, Defence, Veterans & First Responders counselling support, and insurance claims for WorkCover and CTP, let us guide you to the next level of visibility and success.


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Contact Us

For further enquiries, kindly complete the request form or call

08 9418 6969

Monday to Friday - 9am to 9pm AEDT

Thank you for your enquiry regarding our support services.  We will respond to you soon!

The FooteSTAR Team

FooteSTAR Consulting
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